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November 18 - 22, 2013
Intercontinental Kansas City at the Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri

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NARS/National Academy of Railroad Sciences

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Bowers & Company, CPAs, PLLC

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Greeting from John Heffner, General Counsel Symposium Chair, Strasburger & Price, LLP and Jim Bowers, Finance & Administration Seminar Chair, Bowers & Company CPA's, PLLC

We are delighted to encourage you to attend and participate in this year's General Counsel Symposium and Finance & Administration Seminar with Drug & Alcohol Training Session and AASHTO Short Line Academy in Kansas City, Missouri this November.

Your Meeting Planning Committee has focused all of its energies on creating a valuable educational experience, full of opportunities to network and learn something new, while remaining mindful of the many commitments vying for your time and attention. So don't miss this opportunity to connect with your peers and get the knowledge you need to improve your business!

The overarching theme of any ASLRRA meeting is "Connections" - the coming together of rail industry representatives to learn, share, communicate, educate, and grow. In keeping with this theme, this year's General Counsel Symposium and Finance & Administration Seminar will provide a great mix of business and social activities. Attendees will have numerous opportunities to network at receptions and luncheons, among other events. On the business end of the program, we've got a lot of great education in store. Whether you decide to attend one or both meetings, we know you'll leave Kansas City with tools you can use to return home and do your job more effectively!

These seminars will be followed by a Drug & Alcohol Seminar with Clandestine Mock Collection and Signs & Symptoms Training, which will take place from 1:00pm on Wednesday, November 20 until noon on Friday, November 22. This session will bring your Drug & Alcohol Program Managers up-to-speed on all of the 49 CFR Part 219 regulation changes that were implemented within the past year and will also provide attendees with a review of the new proposed changes to the regulation.

Additionally, new to the educational lineup this year is a seminar that ASLRRA is holding in conjunction with AASHTO (the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials). This Short Line Academy will be held on Wednesday, November 20 and Thursday, November 21 and will strive to educate state DOT representatives about small railroads: how they operate, what challenges and opportunities they face, what their needs are, etc. While the educational topics will appeal most strongly to state DOT personnel, we encourage railroaders to attend this session as well, as it presents a unique opportunity to network with a large number of DOT employees all in one location.

As always, this event embraces all of the education, industry news, and social events that you've come to expect from an ASLRRA meeting. So don't miss out on this opportunity to meet with your peers while sharing ideas and networking with others in the industry. Make plans to head to Kansas City and experience for yourself our strong program agenda - complete with new features and activities - to help you connect. We sincerely look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to this conference.