Recently the ASLRRA welcomed four new associate members.

The new associate members are:

JEM Communications, Inc., 1555 Paonia Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915, (719) 574-5541, Fax (719) 574-5140, Website:, E-mail:, the provider of the JEM Radio. The JEM Radio is based around the Kenwood TK-7180 with all the form, fit and function of the AAR requirements. This Clean Cab Radio (JEM Radio) is designed to function as a one or two piece radio. The JEM Radio supports both narrow (12.5 kHz) band and wide (25 kHz) band channel pairs. The change between narrow and wide can be made very easy while you are on the go. When the time is right to be on only narrow band a quick software selection to narrow only is all that is needed, of which Roger Vergo is President, and Ron Vergo is Engineer/Omaha District Sales Manager;

Transportation Certification Services/Rail Temps, Inc. 8676 West 96th St., Suite 300, Overland Park, Kansas 66212, (913) 661-2424, ext. 206, Fax (913) 661-2444, Website:, E-mail:, providing: Assistance with initial "startup" of new railroads, Locomotive Engineer certification, Engineer/Conductor training & promotion, Operating training program audits, DSLE services, Railroad audits, and Operating plans and audits. Rail Temps, Inc. provides FRA certified Engineers, Conductors, Brakemen/Switchmen, Train Dispatchers, Electricians, Machinists, MOW personnel, Yardmasters, and Carmen as temporary workers or temporary to hire, of which Terese Jones is President, Tim Wolfe is Sr. Vice President, Mike Kocon is Asst. Vice President, and Jeanne Lubis is Director, Support and Accounting;

University Services, 10551 Decatur Road, Suite 200, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154, (215) 637-6800, ext. 103, Fax (215) 637-7756, Website:, E-mail:, a multispecialty medical services organization with services available in all time zones including Employee Drug Testing Programs and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness/Sleep Apnea Diagnosis, of which Dr. Benjamin Gerson is President, Lynn Ward is General Manager, Rose Rostucher is Account Manager, and Anu Konakanchi is MRO; and

Walco, 303 Allens Ave., Providence, Rhode Island 02905, (800) 521-6505, Fax (401) 941-4451, Website:, E-mail:, with over 30 years of service to the rail industry, specializing in rebuilding, rewinding and remanufacturing of AC and DC traction motors, generators and auxiliary equipment. Walco also offers expert mechanical, machining and hoist and crane services, and are recognized as a premier provider of engineered solutions to the industry, of which Jan Young is Marketing Development Manager, Marc Amato is Executive VP/COO, and Kevin Harris is Rail Transportation and Quality Assurance Manager.

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