In 2007, short line and regional railroads proved themselves to be at the vanguard of railroad industry safety. Over 200 ASLRRA member railroads had a frequency-severity index (FSI) rating of 0.00, meaning that their employees had no FRA-reportable injuries. This achievement entitles them to receive the Jake Award With Distinction. Also, nearly 100 other member railroads are eligible to receive the Jake Award, having had an FSI below the industry average of 15.65.

Several member railroads will also receive the President’s Award, which is presented in recognition of special achievement in the field of railroad safety. This year’s recipients of this award are:

  • The Delta Valley & Southern Railway, the Hollis & Eastern Railroad, the Louisville, New Albany & Corydon Railroad, and the Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice Railway, all for having been injury-free since 1975.

  • The Willamette & Pacific Railroad, for having had the most injury-free employee-hours in 2007.

  • The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, for having had the best safety record among those with 250,000 or more employee hours.

  • Montana Rail Link, for having had the most employee hours whilst maintaining a safety rate below the industry average.

  • The Ventura County Railway, for having made the greatest safety rate improvement 2007 over 2006.

ASLRRA congratulates all Jake Award and President’s Award winners. To view the complete list of railroads winning ASLRRA safety awards, click here.

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