Please note any special needs such as severe food allergies, medical conditions, or accessibility concerns in an email and send it to We will make every effort to accommodate these needs.
ASLRRA's Annual Convention has gone green and we want you to help us! In cooperation with the hotel, and to improve our efforts to make our meeting more environmentally-friendly, we encourage all attendees to bring reusable water bottles to the Convention and refill them from water coolers placed around the meeting space and Exhibit Hall. This initiative will prevent literally thousands of disposable plastic bottles from being sent to local landfills and we hope you will join us in our efforts. Just remember, you won't be seeing individual bottles of water at any of our refreshment breaks or meals, so come prepared with your personal water bottle to refill throughout the Convention! Thank you for helping us do our part to improve the environment!

Footwear:  Our convention destination is large and you will be putting in a lot of steps over the three or four days that you are there, covering a lot of ground. We are encouraging members to wear comfortable shoes and sneakers. The name of the game is comfort and we want you to be able to take advantage of every opportunity to mix and mingle with your fellow railroad attendees.

Receptions: Business Casual
Business Sessions:  Business Casual
Training Class: Business Casual
PAC Dinner: Business Casual
Glass Cactus Closing Party: Business Casual or Jeans and Boots

Business Casual Dress Definitions:
- slacks, golf shirt, sports shirt with open collar, sport coat, ties optional
Ladies - Capris, linen sheath, pantsuits, skirt or slacks, blouse

Keep in mind that hotels are notorious for being chilly, so remember to pack a sweater or jacket.

ASLRRA must be notified by phone, (202) 628-4500 or email ( of any cancellations or requests for refunds before midnight, March 27. Requests received before then will be refunded, less a $100 per individual/ $150 per couple processing fee. Replacements from the same company are accepted and encouraged. Because of commitments to vendors, there are no refunds provided after March 27, 2017, no exceptions. This policy applies to all online cancellations and transaction changes as well and supersedes any other credit messages produced by the automated registration system.  Thank you.

Your official ASLRRA name badge must be worn at all events and it allows you to gain entry into our meeting rooms and Expo Hall. No other badges will be allowed and will likely prevent your entry into the hall. Anyone without a badge may be asked to leave by security personnel. Some events require additional tickets, which will be included in your registration packet when you check in at the ASLRRA Desk. Convention staff and volunteers will have special logoed shirts so you can identify them in case you have a question or concern.
ASLRRA's Annual Convention has proven to be an outstanding opportunity to bring together our various standing and special committees. At this year's Connections Convention, most of our committees will be meeting. Several committee meeting dates and times have had to shift during the convention, so please pay close attention when signing up and when making your room and flight arrangements.
ASLRRA will have a professional photographer as well as staff and volunteers taking still photos and video taping events, meetings and activities at this convention. We will also have representatives conducting interviews during the convention. This material will be used in current coverage of the event on our websites as well as in future promotion of the convention and other association activities and may also be posted on ASLRRA's websites and/or vehicles such as facebook, Shutterfly, and YouTube.

This is a reminder that in order to maintain the focus on our educational sessions, social events, and exhibition, ASLRRA prohibits special events or sessions or meetings or luncheons or private entertaining such as hospitality suites or golf outings that take place during the Official Convention activities starting Sunday at 1pm and running through Tuesday evening. The hotel works with us on booking any events that take place during the convention and will clear them with ASLRRA before selling any space for meetings and/or special activities. We ask for your continued support and compliance with this policy and that you inform the ASLRRA if you become aware of any activities which might be considered a conflicting event.

The Gaylord Texan may have hospitality suites available for evening events. Please review our private events policy above as no private meetings or hospitality rooms or entertainment events may be set up to take place at the same time as official ASLRRA-sponsored events. Suites may be used for hospitality during evening hours when the ASLRRA does not have any other events taking place. Any events found to be taking place during ASLRRA-sponsored events will be closed.