Education Breakout Sessions

Event TrackTitleSpeakerSpeaker Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker
Engineering & MOWCWR Programs - What FRA Expects in Your ProgramMr. Kyle KellemMr. Arthur ChandlerMr. Edward Quillian   3315046385ANLVIR202037514   ANLVIR2020/T101
Engineering & MOWNext Generation of Bridge ManagementMr. Carl P. BelkeMr. William S. Riehl, III, P.E.Mr. Jeremy Koonce, P.E., S.E.Mr. David R. Anderson, P.E.Mr. Philip M. Ogram 2620726013ANLVIR2020468392959148380 ANLVIR2020/T102
Finance & AdministrationIncome and Estate Tax Considerations in Succession PlanningMr. William T. Kriesel, CPA/PFS, CFP, AEP     35206 ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T201
Finance & AdministrationFinance Hot TopicsMr. Robert M. PerbohnerMr. Michael J. OgbornMr. Rick A. Tidd, CPA/ABV/CGMA,CVA,CFFMs. Teryl Sullivan CPA, CVA  2383336764ANLVIR20203270950519  ANLVIR2020/T203
Finance & AdministrationEconomic UpdateMr. Daniel J. Heckman, II     49335 ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T202
Finance & AdministrationShort Lines and the New Rail Investment EraMr. Anthony B. HatchMr. Louis Paul    2413654697ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T204
Human ResourcesHot Topics and Best Practices in Workplace Employment IssuesMs. Andrea MalterMs. Paula E. Pitrak    5268153685ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T301
Human ResourcesManaging Health Risks in the WorkplaceMs. Chloe G. PedersenMs. Andrea MalterDr. Timothy J. McCormickMs. Amanda K. CronkMr. Paul F. Schmook 3946252681ANLVIR2020519085236950564 ANLVIR2020/T302
Human ResourcesMarijuana Use in the WorkplaceMs. Tracey H. DoneskyDr. Timothy J. McCormick    3353851908ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T303
LegalRun, Hide, Fight: Active Shooter EventsMr. T.H. LydaMs. Nicole E. Bazzy, Esq.    3273638942ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T401
LegalGeneral Counsel PanelMrs. Sarah YuraskoMs. Onna B. HouckMr. Robert B. LedouxMr. Asim S. RazaMs. Kristin L. BevilMr. Michael E. Gray5407838601ANLVIR202036259358203439125579ANLVIR2020/T403
LegalSpotlight on Federal Preemption in the Wake of COVID-19Mr. Turner B. WilliamsMr. Kermit L. Kendrick    3366233936ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T402
MarketingSite Selection and DevelopmentMr. Ryan FischerMr. Nate MoultonMs. Cheryl Schow   3177254677ANLVIR202052411   ANLVIR2020/T601
MarketingTech Tools To Improve Workflow and Enhance Daily PracticesMr. Brandon ParkerMr. Gary GambillMr. Todd McClain   4853549921ANLVIR202054781   ANLVIR2020/T602
MarketingPrecision Scheduled RailroadingMr. Tom OwenMr. Arthur L. Adams, Jr.Mr. Kevin Keller, PG, CGWP   2633338663ANLVIR202027847   ANLVIR2020/T603
MechanicalAAR Car Repair Labor and Material Pricing Process ChangesMs. Vanessa KnaptonMs. Nichole FimpleMs. Shay Callahan   3555834381ANLVIR202054341   ANLVIR2020/T701
MechanicalLocomotive Emissions - What Short Lines Need To KnowMr. Daniel HamiltonMr. Peter Smith    5093154698ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T702
Safety & OperationsEngineer/Conductor Substance Abuse Certification IssuesMr. Mitchell HarrisMr. Christian HoltMr. Samuel C. Noe   2481239167ANLVIR202028880   ANLVIR2020/T801
Safety & OperationsMethodology for Making the Case of TrainingMr. Mitchell HarrisMr. Travis R. Herod    2481230647ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T802
Safety & OperationsRail Car Crude Storage: Overcoming Regulatory HurdlesMr. Sean StrongMr. Cary HilesMr. Ross A. GranthamMr. Peter T. Masson  5254238014ANLVIR20205254148981  ANLVIR2020/T803
TechnologyPositive Train ControlMr. J. Alex LangMr. Dean F. HansonMr. Derek PrestholtMr. Gregory L. Wilson, Jr.  4786854932ANLVIR20205006628497  ANLVIR2020/T901
TechnologyCybersecurityMs. Beth FleischerMr. Dean Genge    5043154782ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T902
TechnologyPerformance Indicators for Railroad OperationsMr. J. Alex LangMr. Joseph L. EvansMr. Dany G. Maron   4786849682ANLVIR202035717   ANLVIR2020/T903
Young ProfessionalsHow To Make a PitchMs. Michele L. MalskiMr. Clay Gambill    5303854676ANLVIR2020    ANLVIR2020/T1001
Young ProfessionalsNext Generation Benefits: Young Professionals and RRBMs. Chelsea M. SweetMr. Robert M. PerbohnerMs. Natasha MarxMs. Ann L. Chaney  4855423833ANLVIR20204666453598  ANLVIR2020/T1003
Young ProfessionalsLessons From LeadersMrs. Karen V. McCashMrs. Norma TorresMs. Laura A. McNicholMs. Cathrin Banks  5095841220ANLVIR20204035747843  ANLVIR2020/T1002

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