Member Spotlight - Herzog

Diamond Sponsor

Company Description: Founded in 1969, Herzog is a leader in construction, operations, and maintenance services for Class 1 railroads, short lines, transit clients, and state DOTs. Each year, we are recognized for excellence in safety and quality by top industry associations thanks to our employees’ dedication to our founding principles. Herzog has completed more than $5 billion in track construction projects in the last 10 years and currently provide operations and maintenance services for 13 transit properties across North America. Our specialized rail equipment is designed and built in-house with advanced technology for railroad MOW tasks including ballast distribution, rail handling, tie unloading, rail flaw detection, ROW survey, signals/communications, and PTC systems.

Number of employees?
 2,400+ employees 

Experiences/lessons learned from operating during COVID-19?
While we are in regular contact, it has been a challenge to connect with our industry colleagues the way we are used to. Virtual meetings have helped bridge the gap, but we look forward to the return of those frequent, meaningful, face-to-face interactions as we near the development of a vaccine. Because Herzog and the customers we serve are considered critical infrastructure workers, we have learned to take every possible precaution in making our work environment safe for our employees, their families, fellow contractors, and our clients.

Measures to protect our workforce include implementing travel restrictions, placing automated temperature reading equipment in our offices, and installing protective barriers inside our hi-rail vehicles. Job briefings with higher numbers of workers are performed in waves to reduce the number of employees congregating in one place. We encourage our employees to remain diligent with protective measures and adhere to CDC guidelines for social distancing, PPE/face coverings, and frequent sanitization to limit the exposure of COVID-19.

What do you value most about membership in ASLRRA?
Herzog is proud to be an ASLRRA Preferred Provider for Positive Train Control (PTC) hosting services. We offer short line railroad members the ability to offload complicated PTC technical responsibilities and keep them focused on their daily operations. Our state-of-the-art data center, 24/7/365 support, and 99.99% availability provides railroads with secure, reliable, and efficient PTC services.

Herzog also enjoys ASLRRA’s opportunities for networking and collaboration within the railroad industry. We appreciate that ASLRRA keeps us up to date with the issues short line clients face and serves as an advocate for industry interests on Capitol Hill.