Member Spotlight - Wabtec

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Company Description: Wabtec Corporation is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services for freight and transit rail. Drawing on nearly four centuries of collective experience across Wabtec, GE Transportation and Faiveley Transport, the company has unmatched digital expertise, technological innovation, and world-class manufacturing and services, enabling the digital-rail-and-transit ecosystems. Wabtec is focused on performance that drives progress, creating transportation solutions that move and improve the world. The freight portfolio features a comprehensive line of locomotives, software applications and a broad selection of mission-critical controls systems, including Positive Train Control (PTC).

Number of employees?
 27,000+ global employees

Experiences/lessons learned from operating during COVID-19?

  • Proving Out IT Infrastructure & Processes: COVID-19 has been a great proving ground for our tools and processes. When employees found themselves working from home due to recommendations from local health authorities, our IT organization ran through all the risks and tried to prepare for every eventuality. And the interesting thing is, from an IT perspective, we ended up not changing anything. It proved that how we operated before COVID was very sound. Our datacenters, our hardware, our tools, our people – all have worked exactly as they would if COVID had never occurred. In addition, Wabtec rolled out a new 'On-call' tool to every IT, Customer Support, and Engineering employee. The On-Call tool enables everyone to know exactly who is on call and how to reach them. This tool was planned prior to COVID, and the pandemic provided the perfect environment to prove its usefulness.
  • Hosted Services Imperative: We learned the value of hosted services to diagnose problems remotely without having to send personnel to work sites. Our short line railroad customers needed help during this period and having PTC Hosted Services, for example, enabled us to support our customers with tools that helped them identify and resolve problems.
  • Importance of Mobile: The pandemic has reinforced the importance of mobile technology. More people are working remotely, fewer people are in centralized offices with access to enterprise networks, printers, and desktop monitors. At Wabtec we are doubling down on mobile because of its importance to the way people work today and in the future.
  • Power of Virtual: In the middle of a pandemic – with social distancing the norm – engaging with customers becomes even more difficult. With the help of technology, Wabtec is finding new ways to stay connected to customers virtually. Webinars have proven to be a very effective way to engage with customers. In addition, Wabtec is planning multiple Virtual User Conferences. So, while no one is travelling, everyone can still get together and learn – virtually.
  • New Ways of Working: We had to get creative and think differently in terms of how projects are executed. There have been critical projects and implementations that were traditionally done on site with our customers. Due to COVID-19, we needed to find a way to execute these projects while being off site. By working with our customers, revamping our training processes, and leveraging technology like Microsoft Teams, we have had several successful projects delivered while being offsite.

What do you value most about membership in ASLRRA?
The ASLRRA association truly makes connecting and collaborating – with the short line industry, our customers, and other suppliers – easy. Our success is tied together and the ability to connect and collaborate is a huge benefit to Wabtec and the industry. ASLRRA provides a host of opportunities, including the Annual Convention, Regional Meetings, and Railroad Day on Capitol Hill. Each of these events provide an opportunity to meet with industry experts, learn, and engage.