Member Spotlight - Watco Companies

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Company Description: Watco is a transportation service company that began operations in 1983. We own and operate a diverse network of short line railroads, terminals, ports, and mechanical shops. This network gives customers single-point access to virtually any mode of transport – ship, train, barge and truck. We integrate every aspect of the supply chain to deliver what customers need safely, effectively, and in a timely manner. Watco is uniquely equipped to serve any market and solve any challenge.

Number of employees? Watco has approximately 4,560 team members.

Top 3 commodities hauled? Watco handles a variety of commodities but the top three commodities moved by U.S. railroads are minerals, agricultural products, and crude oil. 

Experiences/lessons learned from operating during COVID-19? We’ve always been good at focusing on what we can control and that’s what we’ve been doing during this pandemic. Not only are our team members essential, but so are the customers we serve every day. If we’re not out there providing services it can cause a break in the supply chain, leaving communities without the supplies they need. Our team members are proud to make a difference by continuing to safely serve in an uncertain time.

What do you value most about membership in ASLRRA? Our membership in the ASLRRA offers us the opportunity to connect with like-minded short lines and collectively address issues that impact our industry. With the power of the multiple entities joined as one, we have been able make strides in safety, rules and regulations, and in securing the tax credit needed to maintain our infrastructure.