Railroad Day Registrant Materials


Instructions for adding a virtual background on Zoom:

  1. Save the background to your desktop
  2. Join any Zoom Meeting that you have a link to
  3. Once you are in the meeting, look for the Video Icon – usually in the bottom left when on a desktop
  4. Click the Carrot (Arrow) next to the Video Icon
  5. Choose “Select Virtual Background”
  6. Hover over the “+” icon under the camera view of you
  7. This allows you to add the background – select “add image” and click on the Railroad Day background image from your desktop
  8. Once added to the list below your camera view of you in Zoom, you can click on the background image, and it will appear behind you
  9. If the words in the background are showing in reverse, you may need to click the box next to “Mirror My Video”

For additional information on how to load a virtual background, click here.