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Compliance Assessments

ASLRRA’s expert staff is available to conduct comprehensive on-site compliance assessments for railroad member. An ASLRRA representative will visit your railroad to observe and evaluate day-to-day operations and compliance practices.

The assessment can be tailored to fit the railroad’s requirements, including documents and files reviewed to determine program, training and record keeping compliance. Interaction with management and field personnel can be included to determine understanding of regulatory requirements and working relationship between all involved. Field observation can be conducted with management to evaluate compliance of rules and performance of safety practices.

Members will be billed a daily rate for services, plus transportation, lodging, and meal expenses. The daily rate will include travel days, billed as 1/2 day each. Length of assessment will be determined by needs and size of railroad.

Upon completion, the railroad will receive a verbal, and the option of a written, assessment containing recommendations for improvement and sample program materials as needed.

For pricing, information, and to schedule a Compliance Assessment, please contact ASLRRA’s Vice President of Safety and Compliance, JR Gelnar, at (202)585-3436.

compliance assessments