Board of Directors

ASLRRA is governed by a Board of Directors, led by an Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors includes a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, four (4) Regional Vice-Presidents, two (2) Directors elected by the Legislative Policy Committee, the two (2) At-Large Directors, the Immediate Past Chairman, and the President of the Association.

In addition to the Executive Committee, the Board consists of twenty-two (22) Regional Directors elected by the members of the Regions, and two (2) Business Associate Member Directors. To learn more about our Board, click here.


The Association’s work is guided by the following Standing Committees:

  • Finance and Administration Committee ("F&A")
  • Legislative Policy Committee ("LPC")
  • Safety Committee
  • And such other standing committees, or special committees as established by the Executive Committee from time to time.
Each committee is open to active, in good standing, members of ASLRRA that meet the designated criteria. Please view the committee pages here or contact the Staff Liaisons for additional information.

Strategic Plan

A committee of 27 ASLRRA members guided the work of the 2018 strategic plan. The committee featured three sub-groups – the Founders, Leaders and Future Leaders – recognizing that any plans developed would need to consider the past, present and future of the ASLRRA.