ASLRRA Committees

The business of ASLRRA is directed by a thirty-four member board, and the working committees. Members are eligible for nomination to the committees.

CommitteeDescriptionStaff Liaison
Board of DirectorsASLRRA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members. The Board of Directors is composed of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, four Regional Vice-Presidents, twenty-two Regional Directors (seven Eastern Region; five Southern Region; six Central Region; and four Pacific Region), two LPC Directors; two Associate Member Directors; and two At-Large Members for total of thirty-four members.Camille CampbellBODCOMMITTEE/BOD
Engineering CommitteeThe Engineering Committee provides support to the short line industry and ASLRRA members regarding development of compliance templates and engineering best practices. The Committee provides expertise to ASLRRA regarding regulation development by federal authorities and networks with members to assist in regulatory compliance.JR GelnarENGINEERCOMMITTEE/ENGINEER
Environmental CommitteeThis Committee is charged with helping tell the broader railroad story about sustainability and environmental benefits. ENVCOMMCOMMITTEE/ENVCOMM
Executive CommitteeThe Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman (in the event the person serving as Vice Chairman does not occupy another Board position), the four (4) Regional Vice Presidents, the two (2) Legislative Policy Committee Representatives, the two (2) at-large board members representing the small railroad and holding companies, the immediate Past Chairman, and the ASLRRA President.Keith BormanEXECCOMMITTEE/EXEC
Finance & Administration CommitteeThis Committee convenes frequently to review all Association matters related to finance, business ethics, and good governance.Dinah Idan-BineyFACOMMITTEE/FA
General Counsel CommitteeThis Committee serves as an information sharing resource for industry lawyers who share many common legal, regulatory and legislative interests and issues. The Committee also identifies and assists in the organization of educational events for both member-company managers and lawyers which are of particular relevance to class II and III railroads. Finally, the Committee offers the ASLRRA the collective perspective of member-company lawyers on policies, proposals, laws and regulations impacting the short line and regional railroad industry.Keith BormanGENLCOUNCOMMITTEE/GENLCOUN
ASLRRA Hall of Fame Selection CommitteeThis group reviews and selects candidates for annual Hall of Fame class. HOFCOMMITTEE/HOF
Human Resources CommitteeThis committee focuses on human resources needs and concerns of our members and formulates programs and services to address these needs. The committee also provides a forum in which HR professionals in the short line industry can share expertise, ability and knowledge.Sabrina WaissHRCOMMITTEE/HR
Insurance CommitteeThe Insurance Committee is responsible for monitoring significant developments in the rail insurance market, explore solutions to insurance related issues on behalf of the membership, provide advice regarding risk management, and provide subject matter expertise to the membership as requested.Sabrina WaissINSURANCECOMMCOMMITTEE/INSURANCECOMM
Legislative Policy CommitteeComprised of ASLRRA members interested in developing and directing the government affairs activities of the association, the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) meets formally at least twice a year for the purpose of developing legislative proposals, the public policy justification for those proposals and the political strategy for promoting those proposals. The LPC also oversees an aggressive national grassroots effort which conducts local public relations and political fundraising efforts aimed at promoting ASLRRA's legislative agenda. LPC members pay additional dues to fund ASLRRA's political efforts. LPCCOMMITTEE/LPC
Mechanical CommitteeThis committee addresses the needs of short lines' mechanical departments particularly those responsible for maintaining older locomotives. The mechanical committee is dedicated to networking and developing educational opportunities for knowledge sharing between seasoned mechanical officers and up and coming mechanical team members, which will provide industry stability for the future.JR GelnarMECHANICALCOMMITTEE/MECHANICAL
Passenger CommitteeThe Passenger Rail Committee is identifies, examines and provides recommendations related to the operation of rail passenger services by short lines.Jo StrangPASSCOMMITTEE/PASS
Railroad Police & Security CommitteeThe Railroad Police and Security Committee discusses matters such as deterring challenges and threats to the industry through innovation, networking, education and the highest standards of integrity and leadership.Jo StrangRRPOLSECCOMMITTEE/RRPOLSEC
Small Railroad CommitteeThe Committee is responsible for: A. Addressing the needs and concerns of the small and independent Full and Associate Railroad Members of the ASLRRA. B. Assisting in the formulation of programs and services to address the areas of need for independently owned, small Full and Associate Railroad Members. C. Enhancing existing programs that are of the greatest use to small and independent Full and Associate Railroad Members of the ASLRRA. D. Coordinating with other ASLRRA Committees to ensure that the concerns and interests of the small, independent Full and Associate Railroad Members are considered and addressed in the initiatives undertaken by the Committees.Sabrina WaissSMALLRRCOMMITTEE/SMALLRR
Safety & Training CommitteeThe Safety & Training Committee provides support to the short line railroad industry's goal to reduce injuries/incidents and achieve regulatory compliance by providing tools and resources; sharing/recognizing best practices; facilitating networking between railroads; and offering recommendations to ASLRRA on initiatives.JR GelnarSTCOMMITTEE/ST
Supplier CommitteeThe Supplier Committee's Mission is an advocate for ASLRRA's strategic goals and to connect the supplier-railroad relationship with quality and value. SUPPCOMMITTEE/SUPP
Technology CommitteeThe Technology Committee assesses technical issues related to Class II / III railroads operations and equipment, and analyzes specific problems, changes in procedures, new equipment or equipment modifications, and rules changes that are in effect or being considered for implementation by the Class I industry, rail equipment suppliers or the federal government. Additionally, the Committee considers new and evolving technologies that may have benefits to the short line and regional railroad industry and makes recommendations as to feasibility for use and procurement.Fred OelsnerTECHCOMMITTEE/TECH
Young Professionals CommitteeThe ASLRRA Young Professionals’ members meet, communicate and build skills through training, mentorship, and the guidance of experienced leaders and colleagues.Crystal GitchellYOUNGPROFCOMMITTEE/YOUNGPROF