Short Line and Regional Railroad Facts and Figures Book is NOW available!

This publication is the definitive guide to the Short Line freight rail industry with insightful narrative and supporting graphs, charts and infographics.

Using the results from ASLRRA's 2016 Member Survey, the report provides an industry overview on the nation’s 603 short line and regional railroads, their impact on the U.S. economy, and key factors in their success.  

Known as the “Fact Book”, this publication paints the picture of an American success story, from the industry’s origin as cast-offs of the Class Is, to today’s vibrant, entrepreneurial, customer-focused entities that operate 29% of the U.S. freight rail system, providing the first, or last mile of service for one in five cars moving on the U.S. freight network.

The Fact Book provides information such as:  

  • A profile of the short Line and regional railroad industry 
  • The evolution of the short Line freight industry
  • Its impact on U.S. economy and society, with a state-by-state view

Charts include:​

  • U.S. Freight Railroad Performance Since Staggers Act 
  • Number of Railroads Over Time
  • Short Line Railroad Key Facts 
  • Short Line Railroad Miles Operated By Type 
  • Network Size of Small Railroads 
  • Railroad Ownership by Type 
  • Traffic Type 
  • Carloads by Commodity 
  • Short Line Industry Highlights 
  • State-by-State Rail Network Facts 
  • State-by-State Impact to Economy

The 36-page soft-copy booklet is available for $25.00 for members, $50.00 for non-members, including postage and online access to a password-protected NxtBook version of the publication.

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The 36-page soft-copy booklet is available for $25.00 for members, and $50.00 for non-members, including first class postage. Each purchase includes access to a password protected online NxtBook version of the publication.

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