ASLRRA’s Veterans Engagement Award honors industry employers who demonstrate positive policies toward U.S. veterans and who implement unique programs and practices to hire, recognize, support, and engage with veterans in the workplace and the broader community. The award program is open to all ASLRRA railroad and supplier members, and nominations detail that ways in which the applicant company engages with veterans in the workplace and community throughout the year; highlight company programs and activities that support and recognize veterans in the workplace and in the community; and outline efforts to target veterans in company hiring practices.

Now accepting nominations for 2020/21! View the award criteria here and submit a nomination here. Contact Sabrina Waiss with questions.

The 2019/20 award nominations featured a number of exceptional companies and programs designed to recognize and support veterans in the workplace as well as the community. Top scores were awarded to the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA), whose focused and sustained efforts to recruit veterans from the surrounding area have resulted in veterans representing more than 18% of the company’s total workforce, nearly triple the 6.4% average of veterans in the states of Illinois / Missouri and significantly higher than the overall percentage of veterans employed in the transportation industry, which stands at 11.1% nationwide. In their nomination, the TRRA stated that they “have found that veterans are consistently among our most reliable and highest performing employees” and their efforts clearly demonstrate their commitment to recruiting veterans in the workforce.

And the TRRA’s work to engage and support veterans extends beyond their employees and well into the community where the railroad is also heavily involved with the US Army 757th Expeditionary Railway Center that is located in close proximity to their rail yard. They collaborate on annual training efforts that provides the military with a glimpse into operations on the civilian side of the railroad industry; they enlist veteran Maintenance of Way employees to assist in training military railroad inspectors for FRA Track Safety Standards compliance; they have implemented company policies to ensure compensation to veterans during deployments; and they actively participate and host discussions with military officials through the St. Louis Railroad Club.

The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis is a shining example of an industry company who consistently works to recruit, engage, and support veterans in the workplace and in the community and the ASLRRA is pleased and proud to recognize them for their outstanding work by presenting them with the association’s 2020 Veterans Engagement Award.

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