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Keep Tweeting! It's not too late to join the #RailDay2018 social conversation.

One of our goals for Railroad Day on Capitol Hill is to raise awareness of our great industry and spread the word about the public benefits of freight rail. In addition to meeting with congressional offices and educating Members and staff, we need to get the social conversation going to reach an even wider audience.

Twitter is a platform for creating change. In a poll by the Congressional Management Foundation, 70% of congressional offices said that social media makes them more accountable to constituents. 71% of congressional offices said multiple messages by different constituents affiliated with a specific group or cause would have “some” or “a lot” of influence on an undecided lawmaker. A tweet from a constituent can have the same impact as an email, letter, fax or phone call. 

Did you know that last year as part of our social Rail Day efforts, Senators Heidi Heitkamp (ND) and Deb Fischer (NE) tweeted about our visits?  Representatives Steve Womack (AR), Glenn Thompson (PA), Mitch McConnell (KY), and Tom Reed (NY) retweeted our messaging

Eleven other Representatives “favorited” our Tweets.

Because of our Twitter campaign, in total, #RailDay2017 was used 679 times, with a potential impact (impressions) of nearly 2.1 million.

How to Create a Twitter Account

Please reference the downloadable PDF document, “RailDay2018 Social Media Guide”.
We encourage you to sign up for Twitter and be prepared to join the social conversation during Railroad Day 2018!

Railroad Day 2018 App - Eventsential

This year, we will be using a new cell phone app “Eventsential”. In addition to your Railroad Day schedule, suggested Tweets will be made available in the App. Please see the downloadable handout on the side bar of this page,”Getting Started with Eventsential” with directions on how to download and use the App in advance of Railroad Day.

​What to Tweet on Railroad Day

At the Railroad Day briefing, and on training calls on March 1 and 5, you will receive more information on the messaging we will be sharing with Congress.

Suggested Tweets are below and will be provided within the Converge Advocacy Railroad Day App and are available as a download here.

  • #Infrastructure is king — [tag MOC] should say no to heavier trucks that would undermine [state] highways & bridges. #RailDay2018
  • Railroads in [state] & across the US are tech savvy — using #BigData, #drones, ultrasound & other approaches to enhance safety & efficiency. https://t.co/pfyP6rDqc7 #RailDay2018
  • Balanced rail regulations work: Shippers today can move TWICE the amount of goods for about the same price they paid over 30 years ago. http://bit.ly/2BrEzCy [tag MOC] #RailDay2018
  • Rail's BILLIONS in private investments = A safer network, increased productivity, enhanced service and a stronger economy in [state]. [tag MOC] #RailDay2018 #InfrastructureMatters
  • For every $1 railroads spend on their network, the economy sees a $10 return. [tag MOC]
    #RailDay2018 http://bit.ly/2oTYfpx
  • 42% of rail carloads & intermodal units & 50,000 rail jobs are directly associated with international trade. [tag MOC] #NAFTAWorks #RailDay2018 http://washex.am/2HLL5o9
  • The Short Line Tax Credit helps over 603 short line railroads, the first & last miles of connectivity to facilities that employ 1 million+ Americans. [tag MOC] #Pass45G #RailDay2018  http://bit.ly/2oyHUYV
  • #45G keeps rural America connected to the national freight rail network, preserving jobs, growing the local economy & serving 10,000 customers. [tag MOC] #RailDay2018 http://bit.ly/2HTzaEU

And don’t hesitate to ask congressional offices to tweet out the picture they take of the Railroad Day group and to post their own #RailDay2018 message about the importance of railroads to their state and district.

Make sure you link with @ASLRRA @AAR_Freightrail @GoRail in your message.

Having Trouble?

If you have questions, contact Amy Krouse at ASLRRA akrouse@aslrra.org.


RailDay 2018 Social Media Guide

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