ASLRRA Logo Usage & Guidelines

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association developed a distinct logo that should be used on all communication. The logo and its approved versions should be consistently used so that we are providing a consistent look to our members and the public. It should not be altered with a tagline, or different coloration. Please note that the 100th Anniversary Logo and the Members Get It All logos have been retired.The logo configurations approved for use are as follows.

To download logo files, click on the images below. The ASLRRA Logo Guidelines and Usage PDF may be downloaded here


When used for letterhead, the following logo should be used, with the red line extending across the page.

ASLRRA Logo for Use in Letterhead

When space does not allow, a version of this logo may be used with an acronym.

ASLRRA Logo - Acronym Only

Social Media

In social media imagery where space is extremely limited, the logo may be used without the acronym.

ASLRRA Logo - Icon Only

Black & White

Black and white versions of the above may be used as follows.

ASLRRA Logo - Black and WhiteASLRRA Logo - Acronym Only - Black and WhiteASLRRA Logo - Icon Only - Black and White