Short Line Training Center


The Short Line Training Center is a collaborative project created by the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) and Iowa Northern Railway Company (IANR), with funding support provided by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). This comprehensive training program for short line railroads combines an online Learning Management System (LMS) and Locomotive Simulators to deliver essential regulatory, compliance and safety courses and materials to railroad employees.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform/hub for short lines to access a custom-built suite of railroad industry training programs, interactive coursework and assessment materials, available 24-7 at the click of a mouse.

Participating railroads enroll users, assign courses, track progress and manage team reports through an intuitive Admin dashboard while employees access assigned training via a Learner dashboard that is customized with railroad-specific branding and tailored messaging. Admins may also upload individual employee OJT training records to fully leverage the platform’s training, record keeping and reporting capabilities.

Programming currently includes ASLRRA’s 22 Part 243 model programs, plus FRA Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Toxicological Testing training courses.  Railroads may also access 30+ technical training courses as they are launched, with select Virtual Reality (VR) training courses targeted for rollout in 2024. 

As of March 2024, more than 200 railroad employees from seven railroads are receiving online training via the LMS platform and 50+ individuals have completed post-training assessments on the platform after attending ASLRRA-IANR in-person training seminars.

For more information or to schedule an online demonstration, please contact Sabrina Waiss.

Please click here to visit the Short Line Training Center LMS.
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Locomotive Simulator Training

Locomotive Simulator Training can address a range of requirements, from basic train handling to positive train control and distributed power operations. Training is available to short line railroads at their location via the Mobile Technical Training Center, which is equipped to deliver personalized, instructor-led seminars and locomotive simulator training to railroad employees on site, minimizing staff downtime and eliminating travel costs. The Mobile Technical Training Center can travel anywhere in the continental US and houses two FRA Type II locomotive simulators and classroom space to accommodate up to six students.

As of March 2024, 130 individuals and 15 railroads have participated in locomotive simulator and mobile classroom training delivered via the mobile technical training center.

Training is also provided at Iowa Northern Railway’s Training Center in Waterloo, IA, where attendees have access to four FRA Type II locomotive simulators and full classroom facilities for up to 30 students.

For more information or to schedule locomotive simulator training, please contact Mark Vaughn.



Railroad Workplace Safety/Roadway Worker (Part 214) Training Course Now Available!

Under Development:

Freight Car Familiarization, Virtual Reality (VR)

Locomotive Daily Inspection (VR)

Class I Airbrake Test & Inspection (VR)

General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR)

Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers (DSLE)

Hazardous Materials Training

Railroad Freight Car Safety Standards (Part 215)

Blue Signal Display (Part 218)

Rear End Marking Device — Passenger, Commuter and Freight Trains (Part 221)

Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards (Part 229)

Brake System Safety Standards (Part 232)