Industry Awards & Recognition

Distinguished Service Award

Named for former ASLRRA Chairman Thomas L. Schlosser, this award is presented on an annual basis to recognize an individual for their long-term, significant service to the association. This award will be presented at ASLRRA's Annual Conference & Exhibition.


Business Development Award (formerly known as the Marketing Awards)

The ASLRRA Business Development Award recognizes the Class II and III railroads that have designed and enacted the most innovative and successful marketing initiatives in the small railroad industry. Awards are given at ASLRRA's Annual Conference & Exhibition.


Environmental Award

The ASLRRA Environmental Award showcases the short line industry’s efforts in reducing the environmental impact of freight rail transportation, recognizing a Class II or III railroad that has designed and enacted the most innovative and successful environmental initiative in the small railroad industry, reducing the company’s environmental impact or contributing to meeting sustainability goals for the railroad and/or their shipper(s).


Safety Awards

The ASLRRA values and recognizes safe practices across our industry. Annually, members are recognized for their contributions and achievement. The ASLRRA Safety Award ("Jake Award"), the President's Awards, the Safety Person of the Year Award and the Safety Professional of the Year Award are awarded at the ASLRRA's Annual Conference & Exhibition.


Veterans Engagement Award

The Veterans Engagement Award recognizes ASLRRA members who have demonstrated a commitment to recruiting and retaining veterans in the workforce.


Short Line Railroad Industry Hall of Fame

The Short Line Railroad Industry Hall of Fame, launched in 2020, recognizes exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs who paved the way for the growth and impact of the modern short line industry.