Environmental Award

Short Line Freight Rail: Reducing Environmental Impact and Improving Sustainability of Operations

The ASLRRA Environmental Award showcases the short line industry’s efforts in this area, recognizing a Class II or III railroad that has designed and enacted the most innovative and successful environmental initiative in the small railroad industry, reducing the company’s environmental impact or contributing to meeting sustainability goals for the railroad and/or their shipper(s).

Congratulations to Sierra Northern Railway, 2024's Environment Award winner!

Moving goods by rail is already a significant improvement versus other modes of overland transport when considering environmental impact, including CO2 emissions, rubber particles, and reduction in congestion and emissions from idling vehicles.

ASLRRA has made the commitment to supporting the short line industry in continuing to reduce our environmental impact with a strong partnership with SmartWay, and robust training to assist our members in meeting their goals.  We also advocate for the implementation of technologies that have a positive environmental benefit, such as Electronic Air Brakes (eABS), and anti-idling technologies. Read more about ASLRRA’s initiatives here.

ASLRRA’s short line members continue to implement improvements, including equipment, technology or operational practices and fuels, which reduce carbon emissions or otherwise lessen the environmental impact of freight rail transportation.



This award is presented annually at ASLRRA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Note: ASLRRA is seeking Award sponsors.  If your company would be interested in sponsoring this award, please contact Jo Strang.