safety & compliance

Safety Training Resources


The ASLRRA has a series of publications available for purchase detailing information of importance dealing with railroad safety and security.

Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Video

An interactive training video produced by the industry with input from the FRA, which provides instruction on when and how to administer a post-accident drug and alcohol tests. To learn more, click here.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol Signs and Symptoms Video

This video provides guidance on drug and alcohol testing guidelines. Specifically, you will learn how to recognize possible impairment, what substances to test for, how to conduct a proper test, and steps to take in case of a positive test, among many other components. To learn more, click here.

Drug & Alcohol Educational Materials

Download and print posters, forms and brochures for your workplace. Learn more.

Grade Crossing Inventory Reporting Information

Important information about 49 CFR Part 234 grade crossing safety, Subpart F inventory reporting, and NTSB safety recommendations is available here.

Transportation Rail Incident Preparedness and Response (TRIPR) Training

Developed by PHMSA and the HAMMER group, TRIPR focuses on disaster management for emergency responders and interaction with railroads with a focus on flammable liquid trains. TRANSCAER has endorsed and will be distributing the training. Visit the TRIPR website. A fact sheet on flammable liquid unit trains has also been prepared by PHMSA. Download it here.

Industry Safety Initiatives

Currently, the ASLRRA is involved in two industry-wide safety initiatives: SOFA and FAMES.

For more information, contact JR Gelnar at (202) 585-3436.