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Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol Signs and Symptoms Training Video

The Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol Signs & Symptoms interactive training video was produced as a collaborative effort among Class 1 and Short Line Railroads, Medical Services, and Associations including the ASLRRA. As a result of this collaboration, ASLRRA is now able to offer the training video as a free download to all members.

This video provides instruction on drug and alcohol testing guidelines and users will learn how to recognize possible impairment, what substances to test for, how to conduct a proper test, and steps to take in case of a positive test. Part 219.11(g) requires that supervisors of regulated employees receive training in signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug influence, intoxication, and misuse. Supervisors trained with this interactive video will be compliant with the regulation. A Reasonable Suspicion Guidance and Testing Manual is also available for download and is intended to complement the training as a reference for qualified supervisors. f you have any questions, please contact

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