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Company NameWebsite
Caldwell County Railroad Company 
California Northern
Camp Chase Railway,
Cando Rail Services,
Caney Fork & Western
Canton Railroad
Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia
Carolina Coastal Railway, Inc. 
Carolina Piedmont
Cascade & Columbia River
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway
Central California Traction
Central Montana Rail, Inc. 
Central New York Railroad
Central Oregon & Pacific
Central Railroad Co. of
Central Railroad of
Charlotte Southern Railroad
Chattahoochee Industrial
Chattooga & Chickamauga
Chesapeake & Albemarle
Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad
Chicago, Ft. Wayne & Eastern
Chicago Port Railroad
Chicago Rail Link,
Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad
Cicero Central
Cimarron Valley Railroad, L.C. 
City of Prineville
Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad
Clarkdale Arizona Central Railroad,
Cleveland and Cuyahoga Railway,
Cleveland Port Railway 
Cloquet Terminal Railroad Co., Inc. 
Colorado & Wyoming Railway
Columbia Basin Railroad
Columbia & Cowlitz Railway
Columbia Terminal
Columbus & Chattahoochee Railroad
Columbus & Greenville Railway
Columbus & Ohio River Rail Road
Commonwealth Railway,
Conecuh Valley Railway,
Connecticut Southern
Connex Railroad,
Consolidated Rail
Coopersville & Marne Railway
Coos Bay Rail
Copper Basin Railway,
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Allentown
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Bardstown
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Carolina
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Central Kentucky
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Cleveland
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Memphis
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Nashville & Eastern
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Pennsylvania
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Childersburg
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Tennessee
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/West Virginia
R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Western Ohio
Corpus Christi Terminal