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Short Line PTC Vendors

With the assistance of the $2.5 million PTC Grant provided by the FRA, ASLRRA worked with vendors that provided PTC products and services and secured agreements with a number of those vendors that are now available to all Class II and III railroads for them to use to assist in their negotiations with those vendors, reduce the cost of securing the products or services, and with PTC implementation.

The following companies are able to provide solutions that will assist short lines in lowering costs, accelerating implementation, and increasing interoperability between host and tenant operations.


CI-BOS Hosted Services

A back-office server storing and transmitting as required all information related to the rail network and trains operating across it (e.g., speed restrictions, movement authorities, train compositions, etc.).


As an on-board geographic database and global positioning system, the Wabtec Interoperable Electronic Train Management System (I-ETMS®) PTC safety-overlay system continuously calculates warning and braking curves based on all relevant train and track information including speed, location, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones and consist restrictions, providing an additional safety overlay. Intended to help prevent track authority violations, speed limit violations and unauthorized entry into work zones, Wabtec I-ETMS® provides significant enhancements to rail safety.



Herzog PTC Hosting allows railroads to offload complicated PTC responsibilities in order to focus on daily operations. State-of-the-art data centers, 24/7/365 support, and 99.99% availability combined with centralized hardware and personnel make Herzog PTC Hosting secure, reliable, and efficient.