Business Development Award Criteria

ASLRRA Business Development Awards

Celebrating customer service and successful marketing concepts and techniques in the small railroad industry.

Criteria and Nomination Procedures

The ASLRRA Business Development Award recognizes Class II or III railroads that have designed and enacted the most innovative and successful marketing initiatives in the small railroad industry.

Who Is Eligible?

All ASLRRA member railroads are invited to submit nominations for this award. Eligibility and outcome are not affected by the size of a competing railroad’s project or operations. Railroads that have developed any of the following should consider entering:

  • A proven marketing program or concept.
  • An innovative method for providing customer service that has resulted in an improved relationship with shipper, and/or community.
  • New market identification with program to attract and meet the market demand.
  • New concepts, methods, or models for understanding a railroad’s market and/or customers.

How Do I Enter?

Submit a description of your railroad’s initiative via the online form. Photos and video are welcome and encouraged. Photos and/or video will be necessary if your railroad is selected for an award for the presentation at ASLRRA's Annual Convention.

May a Railroad Submit More than One Entry?

Yes, a railroad may submit more than one entry for consideration. It is possible that, in an effort to best serve its customers and address their different needs, a railroad would have found it necessary to develop separate marketing programs or worked with different customers to achieve success. This competition aims to demonstrate the ability of short line and regional railroads to serve and expand their customer bases. Each of a railroad’s initiatives is eligible for entry and will be judged separately.

What Factors are Used to Evaluate the Entries?

Small Railroad Factor

This aspect evaluates the operation’s ability to:

  • use the unique characteristics of a short line or regional railroad to develop new business while maintaining existing customers.
  • work successfully with economic development authorities and Class I railroads.
  • be a positive economic factor in the community.
  • establish strong relationships with the community and its shippers.

Customer Service Factor

This factor includes the railroad’s ability to:

  • identify customer needs.
  • shape railroad services to meet those needs.
  • react to market conditions with innovative and workable solutions.

Success Factor

This success factor evaluates how well the railroad has translated marketing concepts and proposals into solid results/achieve the project's objectives.

How Many Awards Will be Given?

Multiple awards will be given. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will select the top entrants.

When Will the Awards be Presented?

The winners will receive their awards during the ASLRRA Annual Convention. All railroads receiving an award may be asked to assist with the production of a short video highlighting their winning project. To this end, all winning railroads will be required to submit b-roll video and still photographs to support the production of this video. Please consider submitting these types of materials with your entry to facilitate creation of the video, should your entry be selected as one of the winners. We also ask that key representatives from winning railroads make themselves available prior to and during the Convention for interviews, which will also be incorporated in the videos.

Who Should I Contact for More Information?

Contact Amy Krouse for more details.