Safety Professional of the Year Award Criteria

Safety Professional of the Year Award Criteria

Purpose of the Award

To recognize and honor the short line and regional railroad safety management employee who is able to work effectively with personnel at all levels of the organization and industry, an employee who also supports the success of the short line industry in safety through the sharing of expertise and knowledge and the application of all regulatory requirements.


All management employees of ASLRRA member railroads, who are responsible for safety programs, training, and the overall management of safe behavior and actions of the employees on their railroad or railroads, are candidates to receive this prestigious award. All railroad members are encouraged to nominate the management individual who best exemplifies a creative/innovative style, is passionate and truly displays concern for the safety of others.

Factors Considered for Nomination

  • Nominee must be an excellent communicator, motivator and have the ability to organize others for a common purpose in the interest of safety. Provide examples in the nomination.
  • Nominee is selfless in his or her actions, and does not do their job for recognition, but for results. Provide examples in the nomination.
  • Consistently produces documentable safety achievements as a team leader. Provide examples in the nomination.
  • Is respected by peers, senior management and subordinates alike for the teacher and true safety professional that he or she is. Provide examples in the nomination.
  • Please indicate any other traits or characteristics that exemplify a nominee worthy of winning the ASLRRA Safety Professional of the Year Award.
  • Please note that all criteria must be met. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Nominating an Employee

  • Nominations shall be submitted via the online form, found on the awards information page.
  • Nominations shall be restricted to one (1) candidate per ASLRRA member railroad.
  • Nominations will then be forwarded to the selection committee for final decision.

For More Information

Contact Crystal Gitchell at (202) 585-3442 for further details.